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Expungement / Cleaning Up Your Record

Mecklenburg County/ Charlotte Area Expungement Attorney

Mecklenburg County/ Charlotte Area Expungement Defense Attorney

Expungement is defined as the sealing or destroying of legal records that once reflected a criminal prosecution against a person. In some states the records do not completely disappear after an expungement. However, when granted by motion, North Carolina expungement statutes require that the criminal record ‘disappear’.


A common example of the expungement process is the following scenario: A criminal defendant arrives to court and is relieved to find out his/her case has been dismissed. That relief, however, is often misplaced. One would think that a dismissal renders your record ‘clean’, but unless the case is expunged, your arrest and criminal case is likely to appear on any criminal background check.

Generally speaking, you are entitled only to one expungement in your lifetime in North Carolina. If you were accused of a crime and the charge was ultimately dismissed or you were found not guilty, you are eligible. You are not eligible if you were found guilty of the criminal offense. However, if you were convicted and under 18 years of age at the time of the conviction, you can request an expungement.

There are some exceptions to these rules, including possession of alcohol before 21 years of age and victims of identity theft.

If you would like to file for an expungement or obtain more information regarding expungements, please contact Mecklenburg County Criminal Defense Expungement Lawyer Carilyn Ibsen at (888) 543-2427


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