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Charlotte Area Forgery Criminal Defense Attorney A forgery case will usually allege that someone passed or cashed a check or other document which contained fraudulent information. Very often the fraudulent information will be a forged signature. A common case occurs when one person is asked by another, usually a friend or business acquaintance, to cash a check for them with an agreement that the person cashing the check will get a portion of the money if the check is successfully cashed. When the person attempts to cash the check, the bank employee realizes that the person is not authorized to receive funds or the bank account has been closed. The police are called in and an arrest occurs.


Forgery is filed as a Class 1 misdemeanor unless the pleading alleges it was done with ‘deceit and intent to defraud’ which elevates the charge to a Class H felony.


In order for the State to bring these charges of forgery, they must show intent to defraud. The State will usually argue that the check cashing arrangement was “too good to be true” and therefore unrealistic for the accused to assume it was a legitimate business arrangement. This can be difficult for the prosecution to show this element; sometimes the accused is an innocent bystander. Sometimes the accused is someone who thought he was just trying to help a friend out because his/her friend doesn’t have a checking account or check cashing privileges. Therefore, it is important to speak to an experienced attorney on these cases and have your case reviewed.


If you or someone you know is accused of a forgery offense, please contact Mecklenburg County Criminal Attorney Carilyn Ibsen at (888) 543-2427.

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