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Order for Arrest / Warrant for Arrest in Mecklenburg CountyAn order for arrest or warrant for arrest is a court order issued to all law enforcement agencies directing the arrest of a person who is wanted by the court. An order for arrest can be issued for a variety of reasons, but the most common reason is when a person fails to appear for a court date. Another common cause is failure to pay fines, failure to complete a court ordered program or failure to complete all terms of probation.

Many times an order for arrest will remain in the ‘system’ until the person subject to the order is stopped for a traffic violation or stopped on a street for an unrelated reason and the person is ultimately arrested when the officer finds the warrant in the system. Other times law enforcement officials will go to the last known address of the person with the order for arrest in an attempt to find the person subject to arrest.

If you have an order for arrest, you should contact attorney Carilyn Ibsen immediately for advice. Many times, an attorney can schedule a date to strike the order for arrest. Generally speaking, it is better idea to turn yourself in on an order for arrest or warrant for arrest with your attorney present because the court looks favorably upon that. Also, in most cases the stress of having a warrant or order for arrest hang over your head subjecting you to an arrest at anytime is not worth it.


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