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Criminal Defense

At the law office of Carilyn Ibsen PLLC, we never underestimate the challenges one encounters when accused of a crime.  Being accused of a crime is an incredibly stressful situation for yourself, family and friends. Our law office treats each client as an individual, giving the client the personal attention they need to feel confident in our services. Each case is evaluated independently and effectively. You should never go to court without competent and effective representation. At your side, Carilyn Ibsen will use her training and experience to protect your rights and help you obtain the best result possible in your case.

Traffic Tickets

Traffic Tickets, Driving Violations, North Carolina underage drinking and driving defenseThe more points you accumulate on your driving record, the higher chances of your insurance premiums increasing or your license being suspended or revoked.  If you have a Mecklenburg County or North Carolina speeding ticket/ moving violation, consult an attorney before you go to court. Unfortunately, most people take the quickest solution when they receive a traffic ticket by sending a check into the courthouse for the full amount. This can have major consequences that could affect your privilege to drive in North Carolina. Please contact the Law Office of Carilyn Ibsen PLLC before you do this. We can appear for you in court on most traffic matters.

DMV Hearings/ Getting Your License Back

If you live in Mecklenburg County, or a surrounding county in North Carolina, and if you receive a notice from the North Carolina DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles), stating your license will be suspended, you should call an attorney. Life with a revoked or suspended license is not easy. If your driving privileges are important to you, an attorney is essential upon notice of a license suspension. The Law Office of Carilyn Ibsen PLLC represents clients at DMV hearings and can help you navigate through the process of keeping your license.  

Criminal Law Defense, Criminal Law case attorneyJuvenile Crimes

The criminal process is different when a juvenile is accused of a crime. Not only are the rules and procedures different from adult court, but defense strategies in juvenile cases require considerations unique to juvenile law, including alternative options available at sentencing. The Law Office of Carilyn Ibsen helps families throughout North Carolina, including Mecklenburg County, when family members find themselves in juvenile court.

Underage Drinking
/Underage DWI

North Carolina has numerous colleges and universities. The job market upon graduation from college is challenging enough. Many companies are requiring criminal background checks with any job application. A criminal conviction makes beginning a career more difficult. If accused of an underage offense, contact the Law Office of Carilyn Ibsen before going to court. 


The Law Office of Carilyn Ibsen PLLC can help you understand the expungement process and determine if you should file for an expungement in North Carolina. For questions regarding cleaning up your record and the laws surrounding expungement, contact Law Office of Carilyn Ibsen PLLC.


Legal representation, criminal defense support, GuardianshipsIf you have a family member in need of protective care, a guardianship may be an appropriate resolution. You will be required to go through the legal guardianship process to seek control over the affairs of a minor or incompetent adult. To be appointed as Guardian in Mecklenburg County, it requires a multistep process including a  thorough investigation of the facts, gathering of records, and presenting a case to the court. If you need assistance or would like information regarding guardianships, please contact the Law Office of Carilyn Ibsen PLLC.



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