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A Happy Traffic Ticket Client

“I have to say that you made this entire experience with my traffic ticket in Mecklenburg County effortless.”



A Happy Out of State Client

“Thanks again for representing me in my traffic case. Being out of state, your explanation of probable courses of action, and then following up with outcomes and extensions really let me be at ease knowing you were working on my behalf. I hope never to need legal services in NC again, but if I do, I know who I will call!”



Another Satisfied DWI Client

“I wanted to thank you for all you have done for me on my DWI case. I was
very happy with the way you handled my case that ended in a dismissal.
Without your hard work and ability as a lawyer, I would be facing a major
disruption in my life and my families lives. I will definitely refer you
to anyone that may need assistance with legal issues in Charlotte. Thank



Ibsen's Earns Client's Praises

“Thank you so much for all of your work on this. You will be recommended by
us if we know anyone that needs your help with a traffic ticket in



Ibsen's Resolution Impresses Fellow Attorney

“Wow efficient resolution of a court case. As a practicing attorney in another state, I am impressed. Thank you very much.”



Another Happy Client

“For your outstanding professional work, I feel like saying a thousand thank you’s.”



Another Satisfied Client

Thank you again for your expertise and assistance. You certainly made this an easy process for me. I will be sure to spread your name around to those that I know.



Ibsen Handles Suspect Traffic Citation

Having received a suspect traffic citation, I surfed web to build my knowledge around managing this type of issue and compiled a list of local law firms to call for consultation. I contacted several firms to get a sense for options and approach. Most of the firms I contacted seemed very transactional in nature; here’s the fee, here’s what I’ll try. Not Cari. Cari listened, was informative, and made me feel like she was going to do the most she could for me. I felt like was talking to someone with my best interest in mind. Our interactions were cordial, efficient, precise, and reliable. Luckily for me, Cari handled my case and achieved the best possible outcome. I’d highly recommend her to anyone in a similar circumstance.



Traffic Ticket Handled Without Going to Court

Thanks Carilyn, I appreciate your assistance very much! I would recommend you to anyone in the Charlotte area who wants a lawyer to handle their traffic ticket in a timely manner and especially not have to go to court!

You’re the best!!!
- G.V.

Speeding Ticket Handled Without Going to Court

I received a speeding ticket in Mecklenburg County. Concerned about appearing in court by myself and my insurance being raised, I decided to hire an attorney in the Charlotte area where I live. Carilyn Ibsen returned all my phone calls promptly. She was great to work with. My record is clear of points and I don't have to worry about my insurance. I would recommend her to anyone in the Charlotte area who wants a lawyer to handle their traffic ticket. I didn't have to go to court and I really appreciate her reasonable flat fee to handle the case.

- K.S.


Union County Speeking Ticket Handled Professionally and Expediently


I want to thank you very much for the professional and expedient manner with which you handled my speeding ticket issue with Union county.

I want to say I appreciate your assistance very much and would most certainly recommend you to any one I come across in need of the services you outlined in your flyer.

Once again thanks and stay Blessed

- M.E.

Great Work on North Carolina Traffic Ticket

"Great work. Thanks for your help. I am giving your name to all my friends who drive through North Carolina."

- G.K.

Satisfied Client with Clean Record

I was very satisfied with Carilyn's law firm. I never went to court. She always called me personally- I never spoke to a secretary or a paralegal. My case was resolved and my record is clean.

- B.R.

Case Handled via EMail

Thanks Cari.  I'm very satisfied with how you handled my case.  You are very easy to work with and I'm glad we were able to handle this over email.


I485 Ticket Handled Without Going to Court

I got pulled over by a state trooper on I485 in Charlotte. I called Carilyn Ibsen the day before my court date. She took care of everything- I didn't have to go to court and she resolved everything. I was completely satisfied and would recommend her to anyone who needs a criminal attorney in the Charlotte area.


Charlotte Traffic Ticket Handled - No Points, No Insurance Increase

Several months ago I received a traffic ticket in Charlotte. I contacted Cari Ibsen and was reassured that she would personally handle my case. She handled my ticket. No points and no insurance increase! I would definitely recommend the Law Office of Carilyn Ibsen.



You are the best.  Thanks so much.  If I'm back in Charlotte again I owe you a drink.  

Best regards,


Thanks for your help with this.  I'm trying to drive with a lighter foot now, but it's not easy when going thru Charlotte.

Have a great day!



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