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Traffic Tickets

Traffic Tickets | Traffic CitationPoints that accumulate on your drivers license record can dramatically increase your insurance premiums and ultimately cause the loss of your license through suspension or revocation. If you have a Mecklenburg County speeding ticket or any other moving violation from Mecklenburg County, please call Mecklenburg County Traffic Attorney Carilyn Ibsen at (888) 543-2427.

Most people don't realize that paying your traffic ticket through the mail is an automatic admission of guilt. Upon this admission of this guilt, the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will then assess points to your driving record. Your drivers license is automatically suspended when a certain number of points is reached. Sometimes one offense is enough to automatically suspend your license. For example, if you are cited and admit guilt  to driving 75 mph in a 55 mph zone, the DMV will automatically suspend your license for a period of time.

Any traffic citation in Mecklenburg County means more points, more time, more costs. Maybe you were simply running late that day. Maybe you were mistaken about the speed limit. Maybe it was an emergency situation. Maybe you did nothing wrong. Whatever the reason may be, you need to be concerned about the points that accumulate on your DMV record. Insurance companies will also find various reasons to increase your insurance.


Several months ago I received a traffic ticket in Charlotte. I contacted Cari Ibsen and was reassured that she would personally handle my case. She handled my ticket. No points and no insurance increase! I would definitely recommend the Law Office of Carilyn Ibsen.
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Don't pay your traffic ticket until you have spoken to an attorney. The Law Office of Carilyn Ibsen PLLC can appear on most traffic tickets in Mecklenburg County. You would not have to go to court. For questions regarding traffic tickets in Mecklenburg County, contact the Law Office of Carilyn Ibsen PLLC at (888) 543-2427.


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